Who's your team?



If we are throwing college teams into this thread as well, then...well...my favorite is obvious. To say I love the Buckeyes is a vast understatement. I can't wait to get to go to some games again (even if our home schedule kinda sucks this year). I slowly am getting over the clusterfuck that was the end of last season, and am loking forward to the future.
never really able to get into college, if i had to pickone i'd go with iowa, cuz i saw them play or penn state, cuz they were my home town team for a while


Future is Fused 3036A.D.

Eagles fan, bleeding green as we speak. And now that the Patriots have been exposed I know that we really should have won that Superbowl and the Panthers probably got robbed as well.


I'm new here and was just wondering who everybody's team was?
I'm a relativley new fan of football but the saints are my team, since before hurricane katrina, needless to say last year was pretty awesome!
I'm a huge Buffalo Bills fan and I'm not even from NY. I can't really describe why I like them, I just always have seen I was a kid. I'm not the type of fan that can just change teams, I HAVE to root for them, I just can't root for another team...

I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, my favorite player in Terrell Owens, in my opinion he's the best wide receiver in this league.

The Cowboys have a chance to make some noise this season, they have a good defense, their offense is great as well, two capable running backs. The only problem is their offensive line.

I know their defense let 35 points, but it will be improve as the season goes on. Ware is a monster and only going to get better.

and of course this is the most biased statement I have read in a while! LOL, jk MJ!