Who's your Idol?


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I know this thread as probably been created before, but I decided to create a new one.

So like the title of this topic who is your idol? and why?

For me it's Michael Jordan, I'm a huge basketball fan, and I've watched him play since he started winning championships till the end of his career. Not only is he the greatest basketball player of all time, but he's also a successful business man. The Jordan company makes tons of money, and is in my opinion the best shoe company in the World.(I know it's own by Nike)

What I really like about him is that he had the drive to win, and was so competetive and always wanted to get better, he was cut from his High School team when he was a junior but didn't let go of his dream of become a basketball star. He kept practicing, and practicing, and now look what that practive made him.



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Honestly, I don't really idolize anyone. I never figured out why, I just never really found the one person who has a huge impact on my life.


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Honestly, I don't really idolize anyone. I never figured out why, I just never really found the one person who has a huge impact on my life.
Same. I mean, I've read books with characters that I respect and admire, but I've never met someone in real life that I could idolize.


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Yeah, I can't say I really idolize anyone. I think "admire" is a more accurate word.

Lance Armstrong, for beating cancer and being such an amazing athlete, plus everything he's done for cancer research, etc.

Troy Smith. Perhaps the best quarterback in Ohio State history. I'll never forget his amazing performances to lead the Buckeyes to victory over Michigan three years in a row. Classy guy, on and off the field.

Bear Grylls. One crazy motherfucker. He isn't afraid of anything. I admire him for risking his life to achieve his goals.

Michael Jordan, for all the reasons MJ said.

John Muir, for fighting for wilderness preservation.


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Not a idol, but someone I admire/d. Dejan Stankovic, playing for Inter. Has a great career, and watching him play, that's what got me into football.


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Margaret Sanger, Eugene Debs, Ted Lindsay, Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez; pretty much anyone who fought for what they believed in no matter what the cost to their personal/professional lives.
Biggie Smalls.. He grew up in my neighborhood, everyone said he was a great guy. He went on to become one of the smoothest fat guys of all time. lol
[sarcasm]Goku DB. That little saijin was pure of heart.[/sarcasm]
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My idol is Christiano Ronaldo, he joined Manchester United when he was just a kid and he came from a tough background. I've watched him grow up and now he's one of the best alround football (soccer) players on the planet.