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PlayStation 2 Who's your favorite PS2 character?


Registered Member
my favorite character is of course Jak, but i like Jak 3 the best.


Registered Member
It's either Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series because he was such a bad a$$. I didnt like MGS2 becuase he was so limited in that game. My other one would have to be Sora from KH1 and KH2.


New Member
I would have to say Wanderer, from Shadow of the Colossus. He does run a little odd, but not every game character should be a trained runner. He looks awesome and there's so much that's unknown about him. A close second would be Dante from DMC.


Registered Member
My favorite ps2 character is either Kratos from God Of War or Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat.