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Whos the best player in Slam Dunk?



So who do you think is the best player in Slam Dunk, here are my top three choice:

Rukawa Kaede (SHOHOKU)-Actually I dont know why I dont really like him, maybe cos he always with Hanamichi lol, anyway hes a cold blooded ruthless baller, his nick is super-rookie and he is very talented IMO he is the Shohokus ACE

Akira Sendoh-LOL this guy is my favourite character, very easy going and smile alot on court but also a very talented player, his speed can only be match by Hanamichis (I think) even at first Rukawa was no match for him.

Eiji Sawakita (or Kawasita not sure)-Not many people know him, it is said and proved in the series that no one can beat him in one on one match even the great Akira Sendoh lost to him, he is his team SUPER ACE. The super rookie Rukawa learnt something from him actually when Rukawa realize that he can never beat Eiji in 1-1. Even tho his team loss to Shohoku he is IMO the best player over anyone in Slam Dunk..

Others can be Ryouta, Fujima, etc