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Who's the best MMA fighter of all-time


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I know this is very subjective, and there's a lot of different divisions, so in your opinion who do you believe is the best pound for pound MMA fighter of all-time?


Registered Member
Anderson Silva. Sure, he might have a few losses on his record, but in his prime he was far and away ahead of the competition. In fact, you could still argue that he is above the competition even after those 2 losses to Weidman (I'm sure some will disagree, but Weidman's wins over Silva weren't decisive enough for me...first Weidman took advantage of Silva's clowning, then he won when Silva broke his leg). So I'd say that Silva is the most talented fighter to ever fight.

Now, I would say that Georges St-Pierre is/was the smartest fighter to fight. By that, I mean that I think he was the best at creating an effective gameplan for each opponent he faced. His fight against Jake Shields, while definitely not the most exciting, is proof of his ability to adapt as he kept the fight standing to avoid Shields' excellent ground game.

Fedor Emelianenko definitely deserves some recognition as well, having had a winning streak of 27 fights at one time, with a good amount of those wins coming against top notch competition.
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