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Who's Planning on getting cod 7


Registered Member
Who here is planning on getting cod 7?
I personally have got it ordered to be delivered the day it comes out.


Where is my Queen?
I honestly lost my passion for COD, I have played Modern Warfare, World at War, and Modern Warfare 2 to death. I must of have put in 1000+hours of gameplay between all three games or it feels like it. I don't think that Black Ops will make me regain my passion. I will rent it, but more than likely it will be a clone of the past three installments. I understand that they added new features to the game, but it looks like the same gameplay. There is no doubt though it will be a candidate of game of the year though due to all the 'hardcore' fans out there.


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Yeah i like to stay update with them because as soon as a new one comes out the others lose 90% of players so finding a decent match is hard and not worth the effort.


New Member
I just got Modern Warfare 2 instead of Black Ops, and there's still 100,000+ online right now... So don't know about that ;)


Haters gonna hate.
Nope. I won't get it. Didn't get Black Ops, only played it at a friend's house. Not fun for me.

Plus, CoD 7 may be an action adventure game by Sledgehammer. Not necessarily a stale FPS.