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Help Who's Good at Numbers?


I'm BAD at numbers, really bad, worse than you could even imagine, so I need some help.

Basically I want to know my percentage that I got in one class last semester.

The class was broken up into two assignments

The first assignment was worth 30% of the total mark and I got 95/100

The second assignment was worth 70% of the total mark and I got 73/100

From those numbers I'd really like a percentage out of 100 for the whole semester.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
285/300 (first assignment x3)
511/700 (second assignment x7)

Semester grade: 796/1000 = 79.6%

I think that's right.


Well-Known Member
79.6% looks right to me as well. Your teacher really should have assigned the point values to reflect how much of the total grade they're worth. Most of my teachers have points on everything worth the same but some assignments are worth more points.

What class is this for?


The teachers do give us point value, it's complicated, but right now there is this huge teacher strike thing at my University and they are witholding our marks for first semester. I have no idea when we will get them. It's really annoying. That's why I'm trying to figure it out. Some teachers won't give us any marks at all.

The class was 2D animation.