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Who's fault is the self-driving Uber accident?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Sounds like it may have been the pedestrians and back up drivers fault. The article says she came out of the shadows and was outside the crosswalk but the car was going 3mph over the speed limit.

Yes the cars should still be put on the street. Self driving cars will be the future.


Registered Member
There are accidents. It seems clear to me that their collision sensors need work, since the woman had to cross three lanes before the one with the car in it - not really sure if there is fault here.


Secret Agent
Staff member
It could be considered the driver’s fault or the car manufacturer’s fault for faulty software, however, investigations will have to be done to decide for sure. Either way, the self driving car experiment should not be abandoned. They are still way safer and have a nigh better track record than cars driven by people, which kills tens of thousands a year.