3ds Whos Buying?


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My sister is infatuated with AC: GC and cant wait for this to hit the DS....and neither can I! I reserved her copy for her Bday and will be getting mine for Xmas. Who all here is going to pick it up before the holiday is over??

And honestly, I do not think that they are doing enough promotion for it. However I could see it taking away from MK DS sales. So I guess its a smart choice, I mean they are pro's and all I have is an opinion.


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Personally, I cant wait for Animal Crossing Wild World!

the DS (and Nintendo WIFI connection) will make it alot easier to connect people from one Town to another. My big question is will there be NES games availible on the DS game.... That was the selling point for me on the GC game... if its added to the DS game, I will be even more excited.


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I hope that there are enough activities to keep the game lasting and enough things going on to keep up the interaction between characters and towns.


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Nintendo Power ** 9.5 / 10
Game Informer ** 8.75 / 10

If you liked it for GC and have a DS, I say yes buy. It looks like a good DS game, unlike "Tony Hawk's American Sk8Land" lol it looks really bad for Ds, no offense


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I'll admit it looks kiddy, but so did the one for the Cube. I thought it was a clever and fun game. I will at least check it out for DS when it comes out, if I don't just buy it. There are a few games I'd want to get first though.


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dk_rare said:
Psssh, graphics whore ; )
lol. :lol:

Damn, GI gave it an 8.75? A 9 would have been better! I am excited to see all of the things that are going to be available in the game. I hope that the chat function works out well because I will be using it alot since my sister will be playing in Mexico and I will be playing here in the US>