Who's better? Schmidt or Thome?


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I think these are fun to discuss...straight up...who is better...

Take your pick between the following baseball players...

Mike Schmidt


Jim Thome


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He was one of the most dominating players in the 80s if not the most... he was the best third baseman of all time. Schmidt has more gold gloves (10), MVP's (3), Silver Sluggers (6) than Thome... Thome's numbers there are: 0, 0, 1... Schmidt led the NL in Home Runs 8 times and Thome only once.

Thome has also enjoyed the luxury of being a DH in the AL which has extended his career because he doesn't have to play in the field... Schmidt played his entire career in the NL, in the field.


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Schmidt is generally considered the greatest 3Bman ever. Thome was a very good 3bman, then was downgraded to a very good 1bman. Schmidt was just as good (if not better) at the plate, and a MUCH better fielder.

Schmidt, no contest.


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Schmidt in my mind. One of the best hitting AND fielding third baseman of all-time. Great numbers and should be considered as one of the best players of the 80s.

Like the previous posters said, Thome has had his career extended by the DH and has been a prototypical power hitter for the last few years. Still a great player but no Mike Schmidt.