Who's been suspended?


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Since the news came out that 10 wrestlers were being suspended, here's the names I think are definitely goners for at least 30 days.

Mr Kennedy (not the bastard child)
Umaga (ass kicked)
William Regal (same as Umaga)
Simon Dean (Fired)
Eugene (Fired)
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters (no show on SD!)
King Booker (no show on RAW)
John Morrison (loses ECW title)
Charlie Haas (lost in #1 contender's match)

That's 10 right there. Santino Marella might not be outta the woods yet either.


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I agree with a lot of those that you posted there. I think it's kind of obvious that some of them are gone like John Morrison. I mean they don't just take the ECW title from somebody like that so chances are he's one of the ones gone and I think that same with Mr . Kennedy now that he's not in the "bastard" storyline.

I don't know about Chavo just yet though. If it were me I'd replace him with Marella.


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News have been flaring that Batista has gotten suspended, but it was a lie. Apparently he is going to sue Sports Illustrated for printing his name.


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Batista stormed into Jeff Hardy vs Khali's match and speared Khali.


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Well its obv some guys are suspended. Like Booker well he quit anyway but he's gone and Kennedy and guys like that so now it looks like we're gonna see a lot of the other guys have to pick up the slack.