So, the board I used to shout at people on, until it went down a week or so ago, is up again. And... I don't know how to put this - it's just not the same anymore.

They've still got a collection of moderators doing everything they can to foster and defend bigoted, simplistic arguments, sloppy thinking and political myopia. It is still ranked as a good discussion when everyone has had their say, and then has wise&responsible posters of authority suggesting we should all settle down, forget any inconvenient information, and pray to god in thanks for offering us this opportunity to reinforce the belief that there is no need to challenge our preconcieved views.

They still think it's a political forum, and not an american forum, where all newsitems of the day - of any importance - gets more than enough display to make the board full of fresh views. Such as the combined content from reiterations of all the fox- viewers' daily favourite commenters, and the CNN's newsticker for political news. And thus makes the board a thoroughly balanced and varied discussion forum, full of disparate and challenging views.

And the rider on that unfortunate view is that many think a center in politics can be found by adding up the amount of junk one side or the other insists on is covering the totality of the views, and then dividing by two. Meaning that in the name of balance, anything left of, say, John McCain is marked as suspicious and radical. While "independent" becomes very quickly something that, if this was 1940, stands firmly bolted between Hitler and Stalin, but has no opinion either way on who have the best beard.

Needless to say, this used to be tremendous fun - even more than any other american board, since the superiority complex of various posters and mods on the board are about like fully loaded slot- machines - You just never know when putting on just a single quarter is going to make a huge racket everyone hears, and put a huge smile on your face.

Not to mention that since the conservatives are allowed some breathing space, or at least some undisturbed breeding grounds, it's very often the case that the argumentation which otherwise would never have been expanded on - which is the norm - is discussed, occationally, beyond "we are right, and why are we right - because we are right".

And that opens up all kinds of lengthy and pretensiously high- brow discussions on topics like "should we kill all muslims, or just the bad ones". Or, "is Islam an evil ideology, or the embodiment of evil?". Or, "should the state intervene and forbid porno for sale, or just make laws that will punish those who produce porno". Or, "Is Ayn Rand god, or would she dislike that argument so we must call her something else to show our reverence towards the final prophet of the religion of capitalism an individuality? How should we collectively be more individualistic in order to save our great nation from outside threats that wants to destroy us?". Or, "how come Bush is the embodiment of all conservative values, or did he just fail to realise our dream because of the democrats"?

But, I must admit. Beyond the assertions of seriousness, and the obnoxious arrogance (and I know, after all, what I'm talking about), it somehow lost it's appeal when I logged on today. Somehow there just is no joy in it anymore.

What should I do? - I'm starting to wonder if I am not well, and have lost my sense of acerbic humour again.