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Wholesale Lots


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I think uBid should have sections under their places for Wholesale Lots.

My argument is that they bring in sale/resale. The users selling the wholesale lots will sell those lots, keep what they want, then sell the left over for profit. That would mean up to several additional auctions, and maybe even lower prices for the user end.


This is an idea we have tossed around a lot in the past, and again recently after attending the asd/amd trade show. There are definate changes on our site that will need to be made before our platform can accomodate a wholesale tab, but the idea is out there- and that is a good start. Hopefully at some point this is something we will offer.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Sounds like a fair idea, I'm glad to know you're looking into it. It's nice to have your voice heard. :p


Secret Agent
Staff member
I like to buy wholesale lots as well. I did that for a while on eBay but haven't done it in years now. You are right though (Steve) about it bringing people back. They buy a lot of 1,000, then have 1,000 auctions. :)


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I do think it is a very popular way to create more auctions, and, of course, for people to expand their business as well. These are both good things.