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Now this is freaky... about 10 mins ago I heard fire engines go up the main road by the house...

Then about 5 mins ago I hear them as if they are on the street...

I am starting to smell smoke and I'm thinking to myself OY MY GHOSH... FIRE!!!!!!

My neighbours car is on fire in her garage... RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

I am evacuating now...


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I moved my car up the street.
They seem to have put a stop to it but it is smoking pretty bad.

She ran into her BBQ in the garage she said and then went inside and started her gas stove to put on some tea...

Could have been worse.

Back outside I go... I had to run in and get my GOLDEN toast!!! hehehe...

OK... back outside before the house explodes...


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Yeah don't forget the most important thing in your house....other than kids and animals of course!!!
I know what its like to see the neighbors on fire...sooo scary!! That happened to us about 10 years ago then about 2 years ago our house caught on fire in my daughters bedroom for a faulty water bed no less....Thank God we were all gone that morning, but our dog was in there..our miniature Alaskan Eskimo....we came home and the house was filled with smoke...I did a bad thing not thinking and swung open the siding door to get my puppy and the smoke was so bad I had to step back out, I could not breath....well needless to say and Thank God my doggie came to the door about ten minutes later...we thought he was gone, but he must of hid somewhere in the house under something to of still be alive...but the sad part is when I opened the door I let oxygen in and the fire began stronger....I know and you know you are not suppose to do that, but you never know how much your animals are apart of your family until something like that happens....my house burnt, but my WHOLE family was safe and that is all that matters to me!!!
Now after 9 years we still have our puppy and he is perfect....he is our miracle.....
I wish your neighbors well and hope they get the fire out in time!!



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The fire dept. told us to go back inside. I guess she contained the fire when it started inside and when she called the fire dept. things started to smolder in the garage. She's an older lady about 84 I think. Still all together. But she pulled too far into the garage. Our house is about 20 feet away from hers which is a good thing... but the neighbours on the other side of her I think will have some smoke damage cause her garage is on the left of the house...

That was so wierd. I didn't think the fire trucks were even on our street... just goes to show when you think you are safe in your own home you never really do know what is going on outside...

hehehe... I grabbed my toast and my purse and my favorite clothes when I ran back in and everyone else was holding their dogs and cats and here I was with my toast in hand... hehehe... oh well...

I need to get a pic of the aftermath and put in my auction that the toast was saved...


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My neighbor's house burned down a year ago.. That was an interesting morning. Woke up to the smell of major smoke, and went outside to find that the house one away from us was burning to the ground.

Nobody got hurt luckily. (I got pics too... :D)


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Ya there's not enough for pics... just the wall close to the kitchen is pretty bad and her car is got a nose job... who knew baking soda helps? She poured Arm & Hammer all over the stove... in the garage she took a sprayer to it... I wish I'll be that spunky at 84 to handle something that big...

I don't want to take advantage of her fire... wouldn't be right... I could use some grace tho with the auction... crap... and there is no way I'm starting a fire to make headlines...


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That's wild. A month ago we had a neighbor smell something funny so before you know it our street was filled with 4 firetrucks, no joke. It turned out to be nothing but it sure was funny seeing all those firetrucks and cops cars on ourlittle street.