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whoa, when did I make this one up? lol Echoes


Creeping On You
So apparently back in feb when I was super drunk and writing songs, I wrote a song about echoes and recorded it while super drunk. it definitely sounds like it.

the greatest man of everything
he makes a huge impression

when hes not helping orphans,
he's feeding up the poor
when he's not helping ladies across the street
he's pouring bowls of chicken soup

cause he's.....

he bounces offa canyon walls
You hear at the depths of caves
he's the most noticeable man aliveeeee
and he'll get you through the day .....
Echoessssss X infinity

he strips paint
with his gaze
it's a rock hard gaze for a rock hard man
he doesnt feel it
and so the acid melts his fingers but he doesn't feel a thing

he helps all his friends thought they don't help him back
he gambles his life in poker and wins everything
sitting in his parents house he talks on teh internet
but that still makes him cool, dont you deny it....!!!

and heres the recording