Whoa, Cody Rhodes is a Zelda fan?

Who knew?
How big of a gamer is WWE heel (and son of The American Dream) Cody Rhodes?

"All you need to do is look down at my boots," says Rhodes. "My pro wrestling boots that I've worn for the past year have the Triforce symbol from "Legend of Zelda" on them.

"Some kids like books, some kids like movies, but for me, every year I still go back and play "Legend of Zelda." So to me, when I got up to the big time, I thought that Zelda was my thing. CM Punk has a Pepsi tattoo, so why can't I have the Triforce? Gaming is huge to me, it's all I do."

Rhodes favorite Zelda game is "A Link to the Past," but says he graduates to the next game in the series every year. "Whenever they bring out a new Zelda game, I'm there," he says. "I don't know if it's Link or if it's Zelda with the pointy little ears. I remember thinking as a kid that she was pretty hot."
Source: Cody Rhodes: Link to the Past - Video Games - ESPN

Then the article switches back to the WWE (you can see them intentionally do this instead of talking about more gaming. Aww).

I love finding this type of stuff out about wrestlers - especially when it comes to the nerdiness of video games. 'Cuz honestly, I never expected a lot of wrestlers to go for the RPG type games, I'd assume they go for the sports or action ones.

It'd be nice if we found out for pro wrestlers like RPG games and not afraid to admit it. =P
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It's definitely important to find out which wrestlers are dorks and which arent :lol:

I kid, I like Zelda.

In all seriousness Its fun to find out things like that...gets to know the guys on a different level
I agree. Before finding this out I wasn't really paying much attention to Cody. Finding this out about him makes me want to watch him more. I mainly want to check out his boots to see if I can see the Triforce. =P

Who would have thunk that ANY wrestler would play Zelda? That's just awesome.