Who Would You Vote For As NHL Commissioner ??


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I would never let Gretzky into the commissioners office for selling out his loyal fans and going to the desert. True Canadian fans know that hockey does not belong in Phoenix.


Sultan of Swat
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Why would you put a bitter american as the NHL commisioner??? Everyone knows it the NHL is a Canadian Game. So you can't put a person who won't give any Canadian Provinces the chance to get another NHL franchise. Chris Chelios is a great embassador for the game, but I wouldn't put him as commish.

A person who I think would do an excellent job as commish would be Mark Messier. He's played in two big hockey markets. One in Canada(Edmonton), and the other in the States(New York). He loves the game so much that he wouldn't do anything to hurt it. Did I convince anyone to change their votes lol???