Who would you like to stay active from the ECW group?


Flawless Victory
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Pretty simple discussion, but I'm curious what peoples' differing opinions are.

It's unsure after the HardCORE Justice PPV if any of the ECW wrestlers will stay active on TNA's roster.

Is there any one (or several) wrestlers that you'd like to stick around? What do you think they could contribute to TNA as a product?


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Well, although HardCORE Justice was a trip down nostalgia lane, I wasn't too impressed with it to be honest. It wasn't a bad show or anything, but it just wasn't that great. No, I don't have high expectations or anything. It's just, ECW ended in 2001, and now it's 2010. You just can't expect the same insanely twisted performances that you saw in say, 1997. They're getting old, and they`re plagued with injuries. However, out of all the ECW originals, I hope Raven and RVD still have a few more fights left in them. To me, they are simply incredible.