Movies Who would you like to play opposite in a movie.?


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If it was a male I'd say nicolas cage. He's a great actor and good in many different types of movies.
If it was a female I'd have to say jodie foster, I think she is a great actress.


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If it was male, Robert Downey, Jr. or Michael Keaton in a comedy action/adventure

If it was female, Pam Grier or Thora Birch in a romantic comedy


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I'd like to play opposite Jessica Biel in a bondage porn with her as the submissive. A guy can dream, can't he?

Sean Connery in basically anything that isn't gay porn. Seriously, imagine the stuff you could learn from such an accomplished actor.


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Defenitely Sylvester Stallone in an action packed movie.

I'd also love to play in a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, it would be awesome if it actually happened.