Who would you like to know?


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A spin off of RATTIE's who do you know in real life...

Who on GF do you wish that you could interact with in person on a regular basis?

I think my list is pretty extensive because so many people on here seem like fun!


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There are loads of people on GF that I would love to know in real life, Bliss, Winter, Ech, Night, loads of people, your all so nice, I can't wait to go to the GF meet up next year, then hopefully I can meet all of you!

Of course though I am now living with the main person that I wanted to know in real life, all thanks to GF, GF rules!


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I would to know a lot of people on here but frm off the top of my head RATTIE,Tucker,ysabel,babe ruth,Angelspeak,pretzel corps,and of course the thread starter herself Oooh snap.

There are so many more as well,but i will have to add them later


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Hybrix and ysabel, since I talk to them the most. I'd like to know everyone else that I talk to regularly too...Vegito, Swift, Babe, Bliss, icegoat, Jeanie, Winter, and dDave.


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I'm not quite sure seeing as I'm fairly new and the only people I've really talked to have been Ysabel, Atreyu and padd and they all seem pretty cool.