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Who would you die for?


Sally Twit
Time for a dose of morbidity me thinks.

Is there anyone in your life at this moment in time who you would die for?

Let's say you are in a life and death situation and you would give up your own life for this person/these people in a heartbeat.

For me it would be my immediate family (mum/dad/sister) and my boyfriend. The most important people in my life.


needs practice
I think your answer would substitute for most people, everywhere. Family is a universal non-cultural specific concept, though the architecture of family is different everywhere--persons considered family is a great answer I'd say.


Sally Twit
I know but there are some people that might openly say they don't think they'd die for anyone. Or some people could pick one parent and not the other parent. That's what I'm waiting to see. Because lots of people have different relationships with their family.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I would die for anyone who wants and deserves to live. Family, friends, complete strangers, I don't care.


For me it would be family too, my sister in particular. I know it sounds bad but depending on the situation I probably wouldn't die for my Mum. I love her A LOT, but I am 20 and she is 50. I know that she would not want me to die at such a young age and instead go onto live my life, where as she has already lived a great deal of hers. Probably my best friend as well. I have a few friends but one in particular has always been there for me.


Registered Member
I would die for anyone who wants and deserves to live. Family, friends, complete strangers, I don't care.

I feel the same. If someone needed to be protected I would do it despite the fact that I might die. I'd actually rather die doing something noble than just getting old and passing away.


I wouldn't die for anyone. Call me selfish, I don't think it's ever worthy of dying for someone, no matter how important they are to you or you to them.


Lion Rampant
Not for my parents, at their present ages. I could for my oldest sister, who gave me the only affection I knew as a toddler, but I wouldn't. Strange as that may sound, I know she'd be much prouder of me for choosing to keep my own future intact. Her last wish would be for me to save myself. That's how Val is. With my other three sibs, survival instinct would likely override my altruism in the moment, as it would with them for me. I'd surely give my life for an offspring or grandspring, even a red-headed stepspring, without feeling conflicted. Friends, yeah; there are probably a good few I'd end up taking the hit for. One in particularwould leap from a tower to spare my life. I'd so much rather have it go the other way round.


Registered Member
If I had been asked this a few years back I could have rattled of a whole list of people, but now that list has evolved.
My world now revolves around the lives I helped bring into being and have raised, staying around for my kids for as long as I can overrides everything else.

Dont get me wrong I would stand back to back with my family and a few friends but I really do not think I could give up my life to save one of them any more.
As for giving up my life for children, the answer is yes, in a heartbeat.


My brother & sister are the only ones.

They get the spots over my parents because they haven't had a chance to really live life, my parents have.

My best friend? I'm not sure, I'd try my best to save him... but die for him? Would he do the same for me? That's a tough one.

I wouldn't for a girlfriend, relationships rarely last, so I'd be giving my life for someone that is only momentarily important.