Who would you bring back: The Rock or Brock Lesnar?

For a 2 year contract in the WWE who would you choose and why? Also, what brand would you like them on?

It's a really tough choice, but I'm going to have to say The Rock. I just love his promos and that's the deciding factor for me. He really knows how to make the people get mad or happy when he gives one.

I'll also have him on SmackDown! for an year and RAW the year after that. Have him end with a big finish on RAW with a match with... um, whoever is there at the time. =P


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I would have to agree with The Rock. He was not only a great wrestler, he was great with the mic. Very few could get a crowd going like him and it would be exciting to see him back.


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The Rock without question...

For the time the Rock was in the WWE he was as popular and as over as anybody in history...even up there with the likes of Austin and Hogan. His appeal was his mic work and even though I think he somewhat overrated in the ring it didnt matter...he was the man.

Lesnar was fine but he's not in the Rock's league IMO.


Son of Liberty

not even a contest IMO, the Rock is in fact "The Most Electrifying".

He is flat out talent in the ring and knew how to get the fans, no no, better than that he knew how to keep the fans. For that in a time when I keep hearing "Raw and the WWE are going to the dogs", I would definitely say they need someone like the Rock to bring them out of the hole.


I should think almost everyone would say The Rock. He has the charisma, the mic skills and in-ring ability to make for a very entertaining superstar.

I'd want him back on RAW. Some of his greatest moments were on RAW such as his Concerts, fued with The Hurricane, Stone Cold fueds and challenging Hulk Hogan to a match at WM18. That and we could finally (FINALLY...) see Rock vs. Cena. Or maybe a HBK fued. IIRC Michaels and Rock have never really had a one-on-one fued have they? Could be epic.


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Even though I was a fan of Lesnar especially his gimmick, there's no doubt in my mind I would choose The Rock in a hearbeat. Not only was his goal on the microphone but he was a hell of a performer in the ring. I think bringing back The Rock would really boost the WWE.
Christ the ratings would go through the roof overnight if Rock came back.
I'm curious to see if Vince will try to lure The Rock back for one night of being the guest host. I know Rock is finished with WWE, though you can always go back on what you said. Besides, what is The Rock doing now anyways? Doesn't he have some nostalgia going through him that wants him to come back? At least for one night of guest hosting? =D


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Didn't he say Wrestling will always be in his blood? Surely if offered the right money for a match at Mania against Cena he wouldn't turn it down. Cena in my opinion being the closest to the Rock we will ever get without being the Rock and Rock himself going back and forth on the mic would also be one for the ages.