Who would Win In A Match 2

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Omega, Jun 20, 2006.


Who would win Stone Cold or Lashley

  1. Stone Cold

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  2. Lashley

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  1. Omega

    Omega Ω

    i was thinking and i was like who would win between these two now i kno stone cold is better cuz he has been wrestling for a while but who should win in a match what do you think

  2. shawnesty23

    shawnesty23 Guest

  3. Rastisrules

    Rastisrules Registered Member

    As much as I like lashly austen would win.
  4. Omega

    Omega Ω

    damn i kno sc would win i was just hoping people did not fell that that old beat down old man could win agained him

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