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I acquired a old box of wrestling tapes a while back, some from WWF some from WCW and when it was WCCW, from one of the first Starrcades, to Wrestlemania I, Royal Rumble I, just a ton from the 80's early 90's era.

How many wrestling fans on GF new or old school would be interested in reading a breakdown of some of these maybe 1-2 a week depends how much time I get to watch and write a good review/synopsis. If enough people are interested I may try getting the 1st one up sometime mid to late this week.
I would be interested in the results. I'd like to see hear some old names that I haven't heard in awhile: The Headbangers, The Nasty Boys, young Triple H, ect... wrestling in them. So, yeah, I'll be interested in hearing how the results came out.


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some of these go back to the days of the Horsemen, Andre the Giant, Hogan, Million Dollar Man, UT debut i think, Big John Stud etc. I thought it may be cool for the newer fans of wrestling to read and get a feel of the history and maybe learn some cool stuff from the early days. I will keep it short but informative and even try and give some onsighton storylines leading up to the matches that I can remember.


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I go to rajah.com constantly and whenever people do this very thing I read with high interest and would do the same if you were to share here.


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I would love that. Some of my earliest memories in life are sitting on my dad's bed watching wrestling. It would be nice to piece together some of my broken memories.


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You should do a play-by-play for it. I'd love to read.


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I would love to see that as well, I'm a huge fan of old school wrestling I watch it when he plays on T.V, it's very entertaining to watch. If you could do this the Wrestling section members would be very happy, so when you have the chance drop some stuff on us.