Who would make you hop the fence?


Undead Intellectual
This game is easy.

For the gays, who would make you go straight?

For the straights, who would make you go gay?
No real people that I can think of, but half the dudes in anime are made of smexy. So if those guys were real then maybe I'd be gay for them. O:
I've got to admit Brad Pitt in like Troy, if he told me to bend over (and gave me his money) I just might.

Anime guys are smexy period. :p

Also, Chris Crocker? Are you seroius? That kid has some seroius issues. How old is that thing anyway? He ran around in his underwear with his grandmother there. Ugh I hate that thing.


Ms. Malone
Real life? MAYBE my friend Ana cause she's gorgeous and i tell her that all the time!

Anime?...I'm not sure, i'll get back top you on that.