Who will ... ?


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This is a topic where you can post a certain "Who Will Win" or "Who will .." Whatever type thing. For example:
- Who will lead the league in goals?
- Who will be the best team in the west?
- Who will be Toronto's starting goalie?

Etc , etc.

Please try to answer prevous questions and try not to repeat any questions.

Who will lead the league in goals?
Ovechkin , I think we will finally see him start to show that he is just as good as Crosby and he is one of the best Russian players of all time.

Who will be the best team in the west?
The Wings. With the defence move that they made this year and their consistancy over the last few years , Combine that with the play of some of the best up and comers in the league IE Zetterberg and Datsuyk and you got the Best In The West IMO.

Who will be Toronto's starting goalie?
Toskala. I've herd rumors that Raycroft has played his last game with the Leafs and why not. He was inconsistant and personally I think he was the reason the Leafs missed the playoffs again this year and look at the salary they gave to Toskala and the fact they signed Clemmenson as well just adds to the equation that Raycroft is on his way out.


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1) I believe that Kovalchuk will lead the league in Goals next season, he didnt have a great season last year, but I believe he'll rebound well next year

2) I believe the Ducks will be the best team in the West, they have a lot of great young players, and they have one of the best defense in the league, and Giguere will be back

3) I believe that Raycroft will be the starter next year, he might not be for the entire season but when the season starts I believe he'll be the starter

1) Will Edmonton be the worst team of the league next season?

2) Will Brent Sutter be the Head Coach for the whole season next year?

3) Yashin has played is last game in the NHL?


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1. No the Oilers will not be a great team but they won't be the worst team around. They did make some moves this year that could come back to bite them but the addition of Souray adds a spark of offence which they need and I think teams like the Coyotes or even Preds will fall under them.

2. I think that with the Devils he is a potential lock. The Devils never have a bad year and its really hard to begin with Brodeur between the pipes but at the same time the Devils have a strange organization and Sutter will need to prove himself worthy of the job in order to stay.

3. Yes. Yashin was never really a huge star over here compared the hype he got and its about time the NHL teams realize he is not worth the money that teams give him.
Will the Ducks will win their division?
Will Ryan Smyth and Joe Sakic form a potient offence in Colorado?
Who will be the most underrated player this season?


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I believe the Ducks will be the strongest team in the Western Conference next season, so yes I believe they'll win there division.

Joe Sakic is one of the best players in the NHL, and if you had a great player like Smyth to play with him, then it will make both of them better, so yes it's going to be a potient offense.

That's a tough one, I believe that Zach Parise is pretty underated.

1) Carey Price will play at least 25 games in the NHL next season?

2) Jason Blake will score 40 goals this season?

3) Heatley will score 50 goals for his third straight season?


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1) Inless Huet and Halak struggle or get injured we won't see Carey Price in a Montreal uniform next season.

2) Even though he's playing with Mats Sundin he won't score 40 goals next season. But the Leafs will be very happy and most likely surprised if he can score 30 for the buds next year.

3) Dany Heatlley will definitly score 50 goals next year. It's his contract year and he wants to make 10 million a year most likely.

1) Who will be the surprise team in the NHL next season?
2) Who will knock off the Anaheim Ducks as champions?
3) Who will knock off Crosby as MVP next season?


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1. The Florida Panthers. This team is build right now and they have missed the playoffs each of the last few years because their lack of goaltending down the stretch killed them and now with Vokun I think they will shock us all and make a run.

2. I think it will be the Penguins. Their talent level is through the roof and if all their guys produce it will be damn near impossible to knock them off.

3. Martin Brodeur will prove that he is the best goalie in the world when he dominates this year with a weaker Devils team.
Will Justin Pogge will be the Leafs backup at some point this year?
Who will win the east?
Will Scott Neidermayer retire?


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1) This is the same situation with Carey Price. If nothing bad happens with Toskala and Raycroft Justin Pogge will play with the Marlies all year long. They don't want him in a leafs uniform next season.

2) I think the Penguins will win the Eastern Conference this year. Even though everyone is picking the Rangers I beleive that the Pens have the best player which mean they'll have the better season.

3) I think Neidermeyer will be back next year. Especially after having some talks with Scott Stevens.

1)Who will be the player that will take everyone by surprise next year?
2)Who will win Rookie of the year?
3Who will struggle offensively next year compared to last year?


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1. Jordan Stall will really show the NHL that he is here to stay and since he plays on such an domianted team already his name might not be thrown out there much and so when he scores at will it will be a shock to some.

2. Well I'll have to see which rookies actually stay in the NHL this year because guys like Gagne , Turris , Kane and others say they might play college hockey but if they don't somebody along those likes. But right now Jonathon Towes is my pick.

3. The Ottawa Senators as a team because of their confidence loss at the hands of the Ducks and as well in particular Dany Heatley because he can't handle the pressure as well this year as others can
Will the Bruins make the playoffs?
Will four teams from the Atlantic Division make the playoffs?
Who's the dark horse team this year?