Who will you vote for

Who will you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton

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  • Barrack Obama

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  • John Edwards

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  • Joe Biden

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  • Rudy Giuliani

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  • John McCain

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  • Mitt Romney

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  • Ron Paul

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  • Fred Thompson

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  • Other Canidate/3rd Canidate

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Hell, It's about time!
So in 2008 who of these top 10 will get your vote and why? If you can't vote who would you vote for and why?

Personally I like Thompson. Mainly because he is strong on every issue I am for. Pro-war on terror, pro-gun and really tough on illegal immigration, he favors small government and personal freedom.


A Darker Knight
I should startoing some learning on these guys because I just realized that I'll be 18 in time for the elections next year.


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Whoever has the best foreign policy. Foreign policy is the most important issue in my mind in the election of 2008. The U.S. while its at the peak of its global influence needs to set a "Good"precedent for how to deal with foreign nations. Since we have rising powers with China, India, and even Japan not to mention the EU.

I would hate to see the U.S continue to bully other nations acting unilaterally with physical force. In a few years we could be in a bi-polar or multi-polar world and then where will we be...

I select edObama but not too many of the candidates have mapped out their issue on foreign policy.

Im anti-war on terror and Iraq anti-gun, pro civil liberties (which have gone bye-bye with the bush administration)
and small government. However free health care would be awesome... Though I think domestic issues like gun control and secondary and negligible compared to foreign policy.


Gay As Fuck
I will vote for Hillary, the girl's been busting her ass off to make something happen since her husband got his d*** sucked. More power to you Hillary.

I'm with the majority right now. I'm votin for Obama, if he continues to push and keep straight through. I like the ideals he possesses (with the way he has ran his compaing) I highly doubt that we he is saying is going to hold up, but like I've said before I think the important thing is how he campaigned. Anti-partisanship/Anti-Lobbyist = my vote. We need to set our own politics straight before we can make a proper impact on any other nation.

Swift, it's an interesting stance to be pro-liberty and anti-guns.


still nobody's bitch
I picked Edwards on this poll but i know he won't get the nomination. i'd love to see an obama/edwards ticket.

I really hope that Hillary does not receive the nomination because she is not at all pro-labor.


Ron Paul for an end to undeclared, unconstitutional wars.
Ron Paul for a return to fiscal discipline and sound monetary policy.
Ron Paul for a transparent and open administration.
Ron Paul for a smaller government.
Ron Paul for personal liberty and individual freedom.


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In a better world, Tom Tancredo would be president. I don't think that's going to happen. I'm reregistering to vote as a democrat so I can vote for Hillary in the primary. Obama is too racist, too ignorant and too muslim to serve as leader of this country. His statements like negotiating with Iran, and bombing our ally Pakistan don't add a lot to his credibility.

In a general election, I'd rather see Thompson over Guliani. If it were a Guliani v. Hillary, I'd have to vote for Hillary. Guliani is too far left and the democrats would find him someone they would work with. Republicans would support him. Hillary on the other hand is hated by a lot of people. Her administration would be much like Bush's. Rancor and obstructionisim would be limiting her ability to do damage. If you have a president whose goal it is to take the nation to it's doom, better have a lot of people trying to stop her or him.