Who Will Participate In The Next SDC?



Who will participate,? easy question.

IMO it'll be:

1)G. Green
2)James White
3)Andre Iguodala

I know is an early questuon!


Sultan of Swat
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It's a little early to predict because you never know with the new crop of players who are coming into the NBA this season. But if I had to pick 4 players this would be my list.

-Gerald Green(needs to defend is title)
-Rudy Gay(this dude can jump out of the gym..and my pick to take it all)
-Monta Ellis(might be a small dude...but man he's got some hops)
-Louis Williams(if he can break out this year he'll participate in the Dunk Contest, and will surprise a lot of people)

There's no way Andre Iguodala his going to participate in a Dunk Contest ever again. He felt robbed when he lost versus Nate Robinson two years ago.

James White could easily be a favorite to win if he participated but who knows if he'll actually make the Pacers roster.
My picks:

- Nick Young (his standing vertical is better than most NBA players' running vertical)
- Gerald Green (cause he won the 07 SDC)
- Dwight Howard (I think he'd like a rematch because he got robbed last year)
- Josh McRoberts (my choice but I don't actually think he'll get invited to the SDC)

Built Ford Tough

First off, Andre Iguodola will never be in a dunk contest again. He said he doesn't want to be in another one.

My list as far so who I want to be in it is:
1. Gerald Green (reigning champions almost always come back)
2. Rudy Gay
3. James White (assuming he is in the league)
4. Dwight Howard (I want to see his kiss the rim dunk)