Who will MVP get his next win from?

So, if it's true that they're not punishing MVP for the urinal incident, then it's safe to say that they're setting MVP up to get his win from somebody big. If not that, then maybe they're going to have MVP with the Rumble or possible the Money in the Bank. Cash it in on the champion, win/lose and create a new feud between the two.

Who do you think MVP will get his next win from?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I have no clue to be honest with you, it's almost impossible to guess who he's going to win it from. I personally was surprise that he lost agains MVC, I expected him to win against Haas and end the losing streak.

But not that he did lose against him, I don't see him winning anytime soon. So I don't know where the WWE is going with this.