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Who will be the first to lose?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
There's only three undefeated teams left in college basketball - Ohio State, Kansas, and San Diego State. Which one will lose first? Do you think any have a good chance to make it through the regular season unbeaten?

Here are their upcoming games.

Ohio State
at Illinois
at Northwestern
at Minnesota

at Colorado
Kansas State
at Texas Tech
at Nebraksa

San Diego State
at BYU
at Colorado State

I think the Buckeyes will lose at least one of their next two games, and they're both before San Diego State's next game, so I'll say Ohio State is the next unbeaten to fall.

I don't think any teams will stay unbeaten throughout the season. Ohio State's upcoming schedule is absolutely brutal with 7 of their next 9 games against ranked teams. They have a lot of tough road games.

Kansas has kind of a favorable schedule. They don't have to play Texas or Texas A&M on the road this year. They do have to play Missouri twice and Kansas State twice, however. I just don't think they'll drop any home games, and K-State isn't the same team they were last year. It could come down to the final game of the year when they travel to Mizzou.

I think San Diego State will lose at least one of their games to BYU. Every other game they should win.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Illinois always gives the Buckeyes trouble, I think OSU will lose their next game. They're playing at a high but I don't see them winning against Illinois. Kansas has the best chance of all the unbeaten teams to go undefeated this season, but I don't see it happening. San Diego State will either lose to TCU in an upset or Kansas St in my opinion.


Haters gonna hate.
It is hard to call. SDS has the hardest test ahead of them with Jimmer Fredette and BYU. Jimmer can go for 30+ at the flick of a wrist and that could be very close. OSU has a tough road, but in the Big Ten, who doesn't?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Ohio State is 23-0 now, eight games to go in the regular season. They're at the hardest part of their schedule now though. Next five games:

at Minnesota
at Wisconsin
vs Michigan State
at Purdue
vs Illinois

I don't expect them to get through this stretch unscathed. I'll be happy with three or four wins out of five.