Who will be back next year?

Discussion in 'NBA' started by scottmcgrady, May 26, 2006.

  1. scottmcgrady

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    Out of the lower seeds this year who do you think will be back next year. Here are the choices:
    On the west you have:
    Sacramento Kings
    Memphis Grizzlies
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Los Angeles Clippers

    On the east you have:
    Milwaukee Bucks
    Chicago Bulls
    Indiana Pacers
    Washington Wizards

    And there are other teams such as:
    Philadelphia 76ers
    Boston Celtics
    Orlando Magic
    Houston Rockets
    New Orleans/Oklahoma Hornets
    Minnesota Timberwolves

    Who do you think will either be back or make the playoffs next season and what seed do you think they will have?

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    I believe most of the teams that you mentioned will be back in the playoffs next year. The Kings will have a full season with Ron Ron, and if he stays out of trouble they should be higher this year then last. I think that the Rockets and the Timberwolves will be in the playoffs especially if Garnett gets help, and if Yao, and McGrady stays healthy. The most improve team during the last part of the season was the Magic I believe they'll make the playoffs this year.
  3. scottmcgrady

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    I would love to see Houston and Minnesota go to the Playoffs because both All Star's on the team, Kevin Garnett and Tracy Mcgrady, have never gone past the first round. It would be great to see them play against eachother in the first round. Orlando got rid of their possibly best player, Steve Francis yet Dwight Howard keeps improving. It will be interesting to see what happens between the teams in the off season and how they play next season.
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    Your wrong Kevin Garnett got pass the first round a couple of years ago, he made the Eastern Conference finals losing to the L.A Lakers. but yes your right McGrady never made it passed the first round, and that willl haunt is career till he gets is team pass the first round.
  5. scottmcgrady

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    I messed up, sorry. It would still be very exciting to see Minnesota vs Houston in the playoffs because Yao would truly be put to a big test against Kevin Garnett and Ricky Davis would have to guard Tracy Mcgrady which could also be good.
  6. bigballer111

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    Next year in the west I want to see KG in the playoffs if not anyone else that doesn't deserve as much as him. Tmac will make a great comeback too because when he's healthy he's going to do some damage. Of course you got the Lakers and Kings. I do expect the Lakers to be in the playoffs just because they have Kobe Bryant on their team. Clippers impressed me in the playoffs, I think if they can improve as a team they will definitely be contending in the playoffs.
  7. Escobar

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    I think the Clippers, Lakers and Bulls are all on the rise. The Lakers already have a decent team, it's all about Kobe making better shot selections, and the rest of the team stepping up and contributing. If Kobe passes up shots to try and give someone else a good look, the least they could do is get it in. The Clippers already had a decent run this year, so I expect them to return, and the Bulls did better than I thought they would against the Heat, so assuming they use their draft pick wisely they have a lot of room to improve even more...
  8. Xero.Shab

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    Wizards, Clippers, Rockets
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  10. Xero.Shab

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    you have to have a team first...kobe is great but who will support him?

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