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Who wears the trousers in your relationship?


Sally Twit
For those of you who aren't familiar with the phrase, "Who wears the trousers?" It basically means who is the most dominant. Who controls things.

I think both my boyfriend and I wear the trousers. We both make decisions and during disagreements there's been times where both of us have had the upper hand. Neither of us are controlling but when it comes down to important decisions it doesn't all come down to just one person either.


Registered Member
We're equals, but I often use my feminine wiles to trick him into getting off the xbox lol.


Lion Rampant
I am anything but controlling. My embarrassingly narcissistic ex found out early on that I don't insist on doing things my way and she took great dishonorable advantage of the fact. What mattered to her was getting what she wanted, without regard to the effect that selfish behavior might have on her relationship or on an instinctively altruistic partner's psyche. Fairness and cooperation are not her concerns. I'd slit my throat before I'd get with someone so self-centered and domineering again. Not that she's all bad - she just could never have my total respect. We're two completely different animals.


Registered Member
It should be 50/50. Working together. I wouldn't want anyone to think the man in my relationship was in total control, just as I wouldn't want anyone to think I was in total control. It all comes down to 2 people respecting one another.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I think I let my partner wear the trousers mostly. It's kinda sexy, lol. But once it gets too much then I put my big girl panties on and handle it.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
lol at trousers...sorry, it's a funny word.

I suppose we have the same saying here and of course its, "who wears the pants in your relationship?"

i think overall it would usually be me. i can be extremely laid back and passive sometimes but overall i try and act like the man haha.


yellow 4!
big girl panties :lol:

I do not wear the trousers in any relationship haha. Though I would be stubborn and put my foot down now and then with someone I care about/am comfortable with.

Don't think I'm capable of being very dominant. When I'm going to get what I want, I'll do it in a more sneaky way. :mischievous: