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Who was your first Internet Service Provider?


aka ginger warlock
It doesn't seem it but I first got the internet in 2000 here in the UK. My parents knew nothing of how it worked and we signed up to payg on dial up on Freeserve. I don't know what happened to them but I know in the five years I lived at home we went through a lot of providers. For the past five years I have used fibre-optic broadband from Virgin Media and I can't see myself ever changing but who did you go with? Are you still on Dial Up as you need nothing more than that or could you not survive on it?


AKA Ass-Bandit
I cannot remember now. It may have been Tiscali dial up. Or broadband. This was back when I was just starting my GCSEs.


Son of Liberty
Pacific Bell Dial Up.

Awww yeah, tsssssssss ding ding, grrrrrrr...grrrr..>GRRRRRRR tsssssss Ding ding.

Then our first DSL was through Hughes Net. Might was well have just been Dial Up :hah:


Registered Member
If memory serves my first ISP was Demon..or Demon dowload? Something like that anyway. It was a free dial-up service at the time.

Then with Cambridge cable->NTL->Virgin.


Sally Twit
It was ten years ago and we bought an AOL CD from somewhere. If I remember correctly there was some guy in town selling them. We had a BT phone line so I think that was our only option.