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Who was the most impressive?

Which was the most impressive?

  • Roy Halladay's no hitter

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  • Something else (specify)

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Better Call Saul
Staff member
I am stealing this idea from Mike and Mike. After Roy Halladay's no hitter last night where does he rank against the other no hitter (perfect game) and Jack Morris' ridiculous game in 1991 in MLB playoff history.

Jack Morris - Game 7 of 1991 World Series
126 pitches, 7 hits, 2 BB, 8 Ks in 10 innings of work

Roy Halladay - Game 1 of 2010 NLDS
104 pitches, 0 hits, 1 BB, 8 Ks in 9 innings of work

Don Larsen - Game 5 of 1956 World Series
Pitch count unknown, 0 hits, 0 BB, 7 K's in 9 innings of work

First...vote for which performance you think is the most impressive and then list them in order from 1 to 3.


Son of Liberty
What happened to my post?

Anyway, I hate the thought of taking anything away from anyone but I have to say Morris ONLY because it was a game 7 and thus more pressure. All great performances though. I also hate that I don't have ESPN radio anymore and instead have Fox sports radio which sucks.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I have to say that Don Larsen's performance is the best out of the three. I agree that Morris had to do it during a game seven, but Larsen faced 27 batters, and got all of them out. That's what you call perfection, I don't see how the other two can top that.

I'd say that Halladay's performance yesterday, which could of easily been a perfect game(I thought the umpire should of called in strike three on one occasion) was outstanding. He made everyone look silly other there, he almost had strike one on every batter he faced. His control was outstanding.

No disrespect to Mr. Morris though.


Son of Liberty
I know what you mean, BR, Larsen only facing 27 batters and getting them all out is extremely impressive. Doc's performance yesterday was incredible as well. His control was indeed outstanding. I kept thinking yesterday this guy is the best pitcher of the past decade.


Registered Member
Three terrific performances. I have to go with Morris as well. The season completely on the line, Morris goes his limit, then more. It was barely perfect at all, but it was gutsy, ballsy pitching, and he laid it all out for the Twins.

Maybe I don't appreciate Larsen's perfect game because I wasn't around to see it and not taking anything away from it, but alot of things can go your way in a perfect game. In Morris' case, he got in jams (9 baserunners), but he pitched out of it and gave his team one of the most important victories of the '90s.