Who was at fault in this vid?

Who was at fault?

  • Cop (Ill explain why in my post!)

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  • Kid (Ill eplain why in my post!)

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YouTube - balimore cops V.S. skateboarder

What do you think about this?

Besides that fact that I find it amazingly amusing...

I think the kid sorta edged the guard on in the beginning.

Obviously "I didnt hear you" is a lie often used by kids when they are talking to authority they disobeyed.

I dont know weather this kid is lying or not, but the security guard sure thought he did

And then the guard proceeded to blow things out of proportion and be a huge slice of dick.

Just watch it...


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Well, the kid was the one who started it.... That being said "it" shouldn't have been anything more than "Please take your skateboards elsewhere."

Obviously the camera was hidden...

This cop really went overboard. I'm pretty sure he can get in HUGE trouble for how he acted and I hope he does. His behavior was TOTALLY uncalled for.

He acts like the kid needs to clean up his act or he won't live long? Well I'd like to see that cop yell at some bigger people the way he did... Same saying can be true for him. He has a serious anger problem.

Was this on the news at all? I assume these kids reported it somewhere since they have the video of it. I'd love to hear the cops reaction to that video being posted. They weren't breaking any laws by filming either so he's really going to have some explaining to do. I doubt anything he says can get him out of this either since it's all on video... It's pretty clear that he was just out to feel tough that day.

It's guys like this that give cops a bad name... I mean, sure it's annoying when a cop rains on your parade, but most of the time they are just doing their job to keep the peace. This guy was way out of line.

That being said. It is pretty annoying how kids just skateboard anywhere they want. Companies put no skateboarding signs up for a reason. First, they don't want to get sued when you get hurt on their property. Second, they don't want grind marks on all of their cement and rails. The kids shouldn't have been skateboarding there in the first place but the cop shouldn't have reacted the way he did either.

I'd say both are at fault. The cop is at fault for exploding on them but the kids are initially at fault for skateboarding there in the first place. As much as I don't agree how the cop responded I'll have to say it was the kids fault initially because they broke the law in the first place by skateboarding there. If they wouldn't have done that then the cop wouldn't even have been in this situation. His behavior is in no way justified, but it's the kids who are at first fault.


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I say the kid gets off, the officer gets fired. The guy honestly flipped on him because he called him . . . "dude"? The kid is skateboarding where he shouldn't be, fine, let the cop tell him to move along and not skate there. There's no reason for the cop to react the way he did.

However, something could have happened before the video was taped. If the kids were taunting or had yelled something back at the cop, I'd say he has the right to shut those kids up.

But even if they taunted him, I don't like the idea of the cop putting his hands on him, bringing him to the ground and taking his skateboard.


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It didn't seem like anything happened before the video started, HOWEVER, that's a good point. They were probably filming stunts when the officer came by. At that point, a conversation of some sort happened, all while the film was still rolling.

I don't think anything from before the current clip is important though and here's why. The officer was already talking to them when the clip starts. The officer didn't seem mad at all when the clip started so I think it's safe to say that (for the sake of the argument) there wasn't much that happened before the clip that we have seen.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Salvatore Rivieri was suspended due to this video:

Cameras turn lens on police activities -- baltimoresun.com

In most cases it is perfectly legal to videotape police, and law enforcement experts say the practice is good for the community.

"I have seen videotapes of police officer saying, 'You can't videotape me,'" said David Rocah, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland. "It is absolutely 100 percent crystal-clear that any citizen has the right to videotape a police officer as they go about their business."
Interesting stuff.


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I still think it could be important. If I was a cop working a shit shift like it looks like he was (look at that meter maid car!), I'd be a little tense. Then I come along, see some kids breaking a minor street law and tell them to move along.

Or, I may have done nothing and got some insult or taunt thrown at me, in which case, I would have stepped out and enforced the law I would have otherwise ignored.

Or, I may have stepped out to enforce the law and got some lip from them in which case I would have gotten a little more strict with them.

I guess I'd like to think I can believe the cops over a bunch of punk kids, but the cop doesn't seem to have much reason for what he did which is why I side more with the cops (based on what I can see).
This was on the news hybrix. The cop in question was a hero a year ago for stopping a bank robbery.

What happened off camera:

The kids were skateboarding or whatever. The cop told them to stop, and they all did, except that one kid because he had his headphones in.


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The cop in question was a hero a year ago for stopping a bank robbery.
Don't you just love it when people get called "heroes" for stuff that they're supposed to do?

I think I'm going to get a job as a repairman, then when I repair something successfully and save a customer's stuff from being trashed I'm going to go to the top of the mountain and shout "YES!!!!! I'm a HERO!!!!!! da da-da DA!!!!!!!" :clap: