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Who wants a photoshop contest?


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Staff member
Ok let's have some fun here.. Anybody have any pictures they'd like to see looking different? Post your pictures here and we will decide which one would be the most fun to mess with.. er I mean improve. :)

I don't have any pictures available at the moment which is why I started this thread.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh I loved that game = )
I will have to dig out some pics. I will post a few as soon as I can.
But count me in.


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Sounds phun! I dunno how to yoyo pics into my post ;D But I got a site with some pics you could use, I'd love to see the result :D It's a while since this post, and you prolly got pics ;D But anyways: (I can't post URL's yet xD) www .
lenoredraven . deviantart
. com



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Count me in. Ill give it the ol college try.


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I don't have photoshop but if anyone wants to play around with this picture, they could. I would like to see the Hulk busting his way through the wall and Superman flying around in the background and some other cool comic characters in the picture too.

(This picture was never photoshop. That is really Spiderman himself)
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im in. but not for that pic :p sorry haha. im no good at adding stuff in, just putting effects on stuff already there.


Son of Liberty
Im in... I dont use photoshop though... I've got a program called "ACDSee" works just like photoshop. ;)