*Who wants a hug* topic..give out hugs and recieve them


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The First and Last *Who Wants a hug?* topic on Fusion Central

Post here and give anyone a Hug/Huggles/Cuggles etc etc. Spread the Love

or if you've had a bad day and need a hug, don't be afraid to ask

And So on..

And can someone please sticky this thread


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I'll give you a hug! And I'll give HImeko a hug! And Sui! And Kos! I'll give one to Hikaru too, and to Kyo just 'cause they've been talking to me a lot lately on the forums! And I'll give MID a hug too since I really like his(her?) posts so far.

Boy am I a dork?


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You only hug people who post in this topic..if they need a hug

Dork Alert..lol
But no-one had posted in this topic yet, which means that you're setting yourself up to get no reponses. Geez, I'm trying to get people in here to give me hugs back! And see Kyo gave me a hug. Shesh.

Right backatcha.