Who wants a Gundam shirt?


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Bandai Offers US$1600 Gundam T-Shirt
Animaxis reported on a Mobile Suit Gundam t-shirt that Bandai commissioned with the Fashion Mastermind Japan company for 200,000 yen (about US$1600). It features the image of either the Gundam robot or the enemy Zaku II robot, handstitched in Swarovski crystals. It will only be available in select Japanese department stores. A budget version will also be offered through retailers in China, France, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and the United States. The image on the budget version will be stitched in glass beads, reducing the price to 38,000 yen (US$320).

So whose willing to spend this much on a shirt that basically labels you as "nerd".

It would be like painting a big bulleye on your ass for bullies if you whore these shirt to school...


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Swarovski crystals + Gundam + shirt = a huge ass whipping

Wouldn't crystals just feminize (if that's even a word) the Gundams?


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How would you even clean that shirt?! Unless you plan to case it and put it up for display. You have got to be one of those DIE-HARD fans to want a shirt that costs that much >.>;


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
We need to hire some secret government agents to steal some of this merchandise for us seriously. I hate when the good stuff is too expensive, at that price for that platinum gundam it's gonna take me YEARS to get one....that's if I have a good paying job by then that is.


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I love anime, but not that much to where I would waste money I could use to buy a house with on a figure or shirt..... Well, maybe if I had millions of dollars. But that will never happen.