Who want to "TIE THE KNOT". I've been JILTED


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It's a shame that ebay don't give the insertion fee money back when there is NPB.

Thats the reason that i'm afraid to do an auction with featured plus and waste 20$ then can end in nothing :/


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They really should give the insertion fee back when there is a NPB, because they have ruined your auction and you have paid to list it for nothing.


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Thanks for watching Trees!
I think this is going to be my last bizarre auction for awhile.
It just seems it is going to be impossible to make the Pulse with all the cheaters. I mean how is anyone expected to beat 1000-2000 watchers?

Plus I'm just losing so much money with the listing fees and NPB.


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1_ares_1 said:
I don't understand why this happens to some sellers at almost every auction that sells over $500...hmmm mystery to me.

I could take a wild guess but that's all it would be (or should I say WHO it would be)?

Watching the new auction too Wolver! (now that I saw this thread that is.....what's up with that again. I keep missing them)!