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Who Should Leave Feedback First?


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The SELLER should ALWAYS leave the feedback first to the buyer WHENEVER payment is made in a timely fashion. The buyer's obligation is through at that point - the positive should be left THEN. FEEDBACK should NEVER BE USED AS AN EXTORTION TOOL BY THE SELLER. I NEVER leave a feedback first to a seller after I pay on time. IF they don't leave me one first after I pay on time, then - SCREW 'EM!!!!! THEY AIN'T GETTIN' ONE FROM ME!!!! Too many sellers are more worried about 'covering their ass' then keeping the eBay community honest!


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The eBay aystem is flawed though. Too many buyers use feedback just as badly as some sellers do.

I sold something to someone 100% as described, with everything described perfectly and it said in big letters what items DID NOT come with the item. The buyer would have to buy these seperately, and for the type of item, it was normal not to sell them all together. It was a sporting item.

Guess what? They got the item, said since it didn't come with everything that they wanted a full refund including $50 shipping, which would include another $50 to ship it back. The catch? Either I do all that, or I get a negative.

The story has a happy ending. I told them to go price out the item at their local sporting goods store and they would see that for what they got they already got a killer deal. The buyer ended up apologizing and then understood that the price was fair.

It was a big scare though, and was also the last time I will ever leave feedback first, as a buyer or seller. I don't really use eBay anymore anyway. I am waiting for problems like this to be fixed. EBay's policy on not removing feedback is going to result in a lot of people feeling this way.


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It seems that you are one of the exceptions. I work for an eBay Seller and we used to leave feedback as soon as we got paid for the item. The problem was that the buyer never left any feedback for us. If all buyers left feedback after they received their item it would be no problem to leave feedback first, but because most do not leave feedback, we require them to leave feedback first. Any positive feedback that the customer leaves, will automatically have a positive feedback left for them by our automated system. We do not leave negative feedback automatically. We do that manually.
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Answer to original question: THE SELLER.

No question, no question, no question, no question, NO QUESTION.

Feedback is supposed to express how the deal went, and NOTHING ELSE. The seller's part in the deal is done at the point in time that the package leaves their hands and lies in the hands of the post office. The buyer's part of the deal is done at the point in time after the package arrives and is checked out according to how the buyer described it. In order for feedback to accurately represent what happened in the deal, it needs to be left as soon as the deal is done on both ends. Therefore, seller first.