Who should be ...?


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Just a random topic , If you could choose the next mod around here who would you choose and why and also what would they be a mod of?


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From another Mod's point of view . . . either Kyo because she's been here for a long time and has a good sense of things or Nosferatu because he's just beginning to prove himself and he's eager to help the forums.


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Defently Kyo. I am going with Merc's reason. And she would deserve to mod the GFX Section. She's the one who keeps it active and going.


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Kyo if the anime section became popular and such. Also in the graphics section if Omega/Tan ever left for good.


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Kyo would be a great addition to the mod team because she's been around since the near beginning and has a great knowning of the lay of the land. Also, she posts all over. Like said, she could be a great mod in GFX or Anime.

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Um probably Kyo(Lounge?), Nos(Games?) and Omega(GFX). I'm trying to get things in the anime section going. I would love to mod that section again.