Who made you join these forums

Uhhhh lets see ummmm well you.

You know you are the only one getting members.

If we took all members and staff excluding you, All of those referals and then conpared them to yours you would be ahead 10 fold


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That's the point of this thread, I know I got most of the members on these forums, but I want to know how many are active, I know there's a lot more, but a lot of people don't post in sub talk, so I'll see how many members I got to join, that do post in Sub Talk.


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Don't listen to Blur lol, I want to know how many people I got to join these forums, if that's the last thing I do lol. So guys don't be shy. My name Takes a capital V and capital C lol.


It was you, remember? You push a gun thru my screen and force me to join? remember? I still have nightmares of that terrible day in my life.


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Vince IMed me from (Pojo I believe) one day I think around February this year. I joined and have remained loyal since.

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Mmmm.... Lesbians.
It was Air Jersey ;)

It was Vince. He was like, join or die. Then I was like, "Give me Liberty or give me DEATH!" So then you know.....yeahh. Vince recruited me. BUT, I also recruited a lot of members, don't forget that!