Who likes wine around here?


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I don't want to say wine enthusiast because you don't necessarily have to be an enthusiast to enjoy a glass of wine. Anyone want to sound off about a recent wine experience, bottle, winery, accessory, etc.

I just had a bottle of a spanish white wine called Txakolina for the first time. Had never heard of it, and didn't think a wine with such a strange name could possibly be good, but I tell you, on a hot day, it was about as delicious as a wine could possibly be.

Anyone else have a tip or story?


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I've always loved to sit back and chill with a glass of cabernet savingon (sp?). I love the taste and the warm feeling of a wine buzz.


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I like most wines that I've tried. Most expensive I've had was $5 a glass Olive Garden though so I don't know names. I just know that I generally like it.


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Wine is almost like water here. It's part of the meal. That said, I'm not a big fan of wines maybe because I don't really like to drink while I eat. I like to drink after. I do enjoy the apéritif wines, usually white wines.


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I love wine. I'm partial to Pinot Grigio but there are a few reds I love too - Big House Red, Coppola Claret, Georges DeBouf Beaujolais Villages, Yellowtail Shiraz, and I really love a good Meritage but it's really expensive. I also look forward every year to the Beaujolais Nouveau