Who likes vampire knight?

After it was recommended to me by a friend, i found it to be a great show.
They did take most of the show a bit serious, but i guess with vampires and such that comes natural.
the ending was a shocker though, that is if you didnt see the obvious clues through out the show:D


Mark ov teh Pond
I don't personally enjoy it that much, but I don't hate it either.

Yeah. Since we're on the topic of Vampire-related Anime. I prefer Blood + as well. There's Trinity Blood, but I can't take the show seriously. I like the main character in human form, cool name, but his "Crusnik" or whatever it is just irritates me. I gave it a worthy shot but couldn't seem to follow it.

I have not seen enough of Hellsing yet to make a comment. It looks promising and has good reviews, and I have it in my queue.

Oddly enough, I started Black Blood Brothers tonight, just 3 episodes in and I am enjoying it greatly.