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who likes to travel to not-so-distant places that are rather unexplored?


Registered Member
these places can also offer a lot and we tend to travel to the famous destinations only. why? just because they are famous? tell me, would you rather travel with a minimum budget to an unexplored destination not far away from your home than a world-famous destination that costs a fortune?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I think both have merits. The downside of the second option is expense but if I had the money, then why not. Places become world famous for a reason. There is something to explore and discover there, as well as something to explore and discover in relatively unknown destinations. Also, established tourist destinations usually offer more information to help you prepare for the trip (if you want to be on the safer side) so you don't get caught by unwanted surprises.


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Some unknown places are more amazing than famous and "typical" places to travel. But because of they're unknown, people often don't visit them. They don't have info from that places and they don't know what to see there.
I recommend to be adventurer to discover that amazing hide places near us.