Who let that old guy in here???



Hello to everyone! I was invited to join your community by Michael Jordan.
A little about myself: I have been lurking about and have noticed I could very well be the oldest member here…funny, I don’t feel that old on other forums.
I am a 54-year-old single father of two daughters, 12 and 15. I am a Vietnam vet having served in the USAF and was stationed in DaNang in 72. I currently live in Houston, but have lived all over the world and the States. I lived 6 of my first 9 years of life in Europe and have lived in Indiana, Ohio, California, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. I am a Moderate Democrat and a HUGE Cowboys fan. I also like the Spurs and the Astros, although Football is my passion.
I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with you and I guess I’ll be seeing you around the forum.


Oh no the old guys here. Oh man now I gotta act all mature & stuff!

Oh wait I'm olderer too. damn!


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Welcome to Fusion old guy ;). I'm really happy to have a member like yourself join us here at Fusion central. A place that we like to call home. I'm looking forward to see some of your posting because your experience in the real world will bring a lot of new opinions on FC.

PS: I have a feeling you and Hoosier Daddy will get along really well. He's the elderly man on these forums/mentor.

PSS: I'm the sports genius in these forums. No almost everything about every sport. So make sure you take a look in our sports sections so we can have some great discussions and debates.

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Aw, Here It Goes!
Welcome to FC

How 'bout dem Cowboys, Graybeard nice to have another older member on the site. Hope to see you in the Forums, especially the Football sect.


It's like a geriatric invasion. We'll kick yur' ass but real slow & with a lot of breaks & a nap!



hi old guy its my first stay here too and everything is fun here so i hope you enjoy your stay here too ^^!