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Who is your favourite author?


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Mine would have to be Stephen King, I've got all of his books and i've read all of them at least twice :lol: absolutely love him ^_^.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Probably Hemingway or Heller, Catch-22 is my favourite book.


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I'm currently obsessed with Dan Brown but, I seem to have a new favorite every week! lol What is your favorite Stephen King book? I've only ever read the Green Mile. Also, as a side bar...I just read about Stephen King's son and the fact that he too is a writer with a new novel out. Have any of you read his work yet?


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There are a LOT of writers whose works I admire, but I have to say my favorite writer is Andrew Vachss, who writes hard crime/mystery novels, many of which deal with child abuse. He takes the title as my favorite because he puts his money where his mouth is--his entire legal practice involves representing children. His books help to fund his practice so I always make sure to buy his books first release in hardback. If any author deserves the money, he does.


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Jonathon Stroud. He wrote my absolute favorite trilogy, Bartimieus Trilogy.


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I would have to say that one of my most favorite authors is Sidney Sheldon.

The reason for this is that I just discovered that I have read all of his novels (except for maybe one I am not sure about) and I didn't ever get bored of his writing. I did not find that his books became predictable or that they became the same story with different characters.

I only recently learned that he passed away this past January and that there will be no more books for me to enjoy.:shake:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I would have to say Douglas Adams :nod:

I have all his books. I loved the Hitchhikers Guide so much that I have it as a Tatoo on my leg.

The little green guy on the cover and the words Don't Panic underneath him.
one day I want to add the number 42, the dolphins ,a menue from the restarunt and oh yeah a floating towell.

Need to get the cash first..:lol: