Who Is Your Favorite Captain?


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Mine is Hitsugaya he's the youngest captain outta the 13 once he grows up a little he will probably be one of the strongest characters in the show. I like his ice based attacks especially the dragon. He ‘s different from a lot of the other characters and I like his style.


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Hitsugaya FTW!

The only reason I say that is because of his ice powers. You can't beat ice powers!

(I've only seen the first 80 episodes, so I don't really know too much about him.)


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1. Tousen
2. Kenpachi
3. Hitsugaya

Tousen Bleach's blind samurai, the peaceful and right righteous captain.


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Tosen is pretty cool. He's like an anime-ed black guy...freakin' sweet. I'm hoping he shows up more in the rest of the story. I only have the first 13 volumes of the manga.

Gin is really creepy, but I like him too for some reason.


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I'm with Vegito on this subject. Hitsugaya is my favorite mostly because of his ice attacks. I don't know, but it's jsut something about ice powers that make people my instant favorites. Plus, I think his character design is pretty awesome.


1.)Hitsugaya- bc of his ice powers and bc hes just cool period
2.)Zaracki- bc his insanly awesome for his laughing when about to die personality
3.)Aizen- bc hes just cool, +the fact that he can manipulate with a persons mind