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Who is your fave pro?


New Member
I know this might sound totally predictable, but I like Hawk a great deal. He is like the granddaddy, right? I like Bucky Lasek as well. What are some of your faves and why?
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You misspelled BUCKY!!!! Bad girl....no Diet coke!

LOL, I agree with you about Hawk though. Granddaddy of them all!


New Member
Haha I am touched! You actually read my reason for editing! LOL And you dont even want to know how I misspelled his name...total embarrasment. Hopefully no one saw it. And right-o on Hawk, he has made an industry out of something not taken seriously until recent history! :)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I would have to agree with you on Hawk. I would have to add in the whole Dogs Town Crew to the list. And Rodney Mullen..

They were the true Granddaddys....

Have you ever seen the old clips of Hawk surfing?


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Well I personally Like Chad Muska because hes like the only white guy on the shortys team and hes hella gangster and he keeps it real :cool:


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My faves would have to be Ryan Sheckler he is just simply amazing and I also like Hawk like everyone else he is the grandaddy.