Who is young and lives on their own.


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I am 18 and I am a senior in highs chool, I am planning on renting an apartment when i graduate. I am single right now, but dating....
I am kinda confused on if I want go half with a friend or find a girlfriend who has a job to go half on a place.

I know most of you might think 18 is young but I am ready.

For me.
I'm 18 work at subway and Mcdonalds as manager part time. while i'm in school, and already bought my own car.( 2000 Old's Alero.)


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Yeah. Let me tell you about you 18 year-olds and your apartments:
1 month - $800
12 months - $9,600
3 years - [highlight]$28,800[/highlight]
That's money you will never, ever see again. If you can live for free with your parents, do that. But if you really, really, really just, like, totally gotta move out, you should be saving up your money to make a down-payment on a small house.

Mortgage payments will be comparable to rental payments, and when you want to upgrade to bigger and better, you won't have to start from scratch because you'll get back at least what you paid for the place.

(That's not to say that there is no place in the world for renting, of course! It should only be a last resort thing; not a primary choice.)

- Property always appreciates. $$$ :nod:
- New cars depreciate by $10,000 the moment you drive them off the lot.
- Renting always depreciates by 100%.

EDIT - btw; I'm 21, and I currently still live with my parents.
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I'm 23 living with my parents while I attend full time college and work full time. I'm currently saving up for the purchase of a house and building my credit as best as I can.

Pretzels Advice is spot on. Take it, it'll be the difference between a good decision and a decision built on "I cant take living with my parents anymore" aka a bad decision.


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I am 21 and I live on my own. PC is absolutely on spot with everything he said. I have my own house, and I only rented for about 8 months before I realized it was such a waste of my time and money. However, I shared an apartment for that transition and it only cost me 200 monthly, so my loses were not great, but that was still extra money I didn't need to spend. It is hard to get your own house really young, but you should absolutely save as much money up as possible (they always suggest having at least 3 months salary in your savings account at all times) and work on your credit. At times, I regret not staying with my parents for as long as I possibly could because that is the life and things get rough living on your own even if you are renting and not owning. Just make sure you plan out your finances and live withint your means.

Also, find a roomie.. if you are single at the moment you do not want to meet a girl and rush into living together.. BIG mistake.


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I moved into a rented apartment when I was 18, but i've been living away from my parents since I was 15 and paying board, so there was really much difference between the outgoings. After a year, I moved back into the place I was originally boarding. It worked out to be more convenient, and a little cheaper, as the are like family now.

When I was renting, I was sharing with a few other people, and it get's messy if someone doesn't pull their weight, or if there is a disagreement. The complete freedom is great, but not worth the cost at the end of the day.


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i can understand your eagerness to move out but don't move out straight away with a gf you are only 18 i know sounds a bit condesending but as most folk have replied it would be more beneficial for you to stay at home rather than move, i have my own place i'm 24 and most of my wage goes to rent/bills/food i don't go out nearly as much as what i used to when i lived with my parents